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Something enchanting, luxurious but close to nature comes together in the shape of a crystal. Valona's light birch plywood Crystal decoration resembles a classic three-dimensional crystal, but is a much more ecological choice. The crystal form is more graphic and simple than its buddy Diamond decoration, although they fit perfectly together. The lightweight Crystal decoration is lovely for both a Christmas tree and, for example, hanging from a window in other seasons.

The Crystal is made of 100% sustainably produced Finnish birch plywood. Its shape is three-dimensional, so it looks similar in all directions. The wood is hand-dyed black so that its fibres stand out beautifully from under the colour. Combine wood-coloured and black decorations and hang them on a Christmas tree, from birch twigs or a lamp, for example. The feather-light wood decoration does not require heavy fastenings.

The decoration is assembled from two separate parts, which are easily threaded through each other and fastened together with a simple locking mechanism. It is thus also easy to disassemble the decoration back into its flat package to wait for the next use.

The Crystal design is by designer Elina Mäntylä.

The packaging of the decoration also acts as a postcard, which can conveniently be sent to a friend with mere letter postage. Should you wish us to send the product as a greeting card by us, please write a max. 150 character message to the comments section of the order. Please note that products sent to different addresses must be placed as separate orders.

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