From the heart and to the mail box

-The quest of the perfect gift

Summer is often the time of celebration. Graduations, weddings, birthdays and christenings. At least in my case, along comes the age old problem of what to get someone as a gift. Money or gift cards are often seen as impersonal but wouldn’t you rather buy something for someone that he or she actually enjoys. I know I would. After all buying a gift that ends up at the bottom of the drawer or in the back of the closet is a complete waste – for both the giver and the receiver. An even bigger challenge comes with giving gifts to someone whose celebration you cannot attend to and have to send the gift by post. Glasses and kitchen ware are easy to break and the bigger the package the larger the cost. Not to mention the hassle of picking up the package from the post office, especially at rural areas.

Giving gifts has always been important to Elina Mäntylä, the CEO of Valona. She loves to delight other people with presents and that’s exactly what she aims on doing with her products as well, bringing joy to people. That’s why she has emphasized the packaging of her products. Jewellery, birch crystals and other wooden décor items are packed in such a way that they are easy to post to someone even in an envelope. Easy to give as gifts. The innovative idea behind the packaging of Valona’s products is that the package is thin enough to fit through a mailbox. As the product is packed so that the pieces are taken separate, it is also guaranteed that the product will arrive unharmed to the receiver. Once the gift is opened the receiver will join together the pieces. The birch crystals package is actually a postcard itself. Another great example of beauty and functionality going hand in hand. The package is as minimalistic and graphic as is the product itself and decorative enough to be given as such, with no wrapping needed. Perfect for someone like me whose wrapping skills caused a near relative to ponder whether my one-year-old had in fact taken care of the packaging. In my opinion he would’ve done a better job than I did.

For someone wondering what to buy for a graduate or newlyweds I have no easy answer, for every person deserves a gift as unique as the receiver him/herself. But if you really want to play it safe, try asking them for what it is that they want. Some say gift from the heart is always the best kind but I say buy something that makes the other person happy, not you – they are the ones who have to look at it.

Text: Maria Korpiniemi

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