Send a card – Drops of joy in quarantine

Now that a big part of the world is more or less in quarantine, important things rise to the surface. I notice I miss my parents and grandparents. After the borders closed, I felt a longing even for my friends on the other side. Normally, I wouldn’t maybe start to have such feelings already within a month.

I wrote letters to my Grandpa in the retirement home and my Granny who still lives in her own home. I can reach my own parents with electronic devices. It was nice to have a family coffee break during Easter. However, in addition to calling, a letter is now the best way to remember my grandparents. Cards and letters also have more feeling that whatsapps, teamses, skypes and hangoutses. I got a few Easter cards. Their significance felt greater than when it was still easy to meet personally.

Did you already write a card or a letter? Who could you surprise happily? And could we help you with sending those?

Valona offers little ease to your life by sending a card and a gift on behalf of you directly to the recipient. This way you don’t need to go to the post office by yourself. Write a short greeting to the additional information of the order, and we will attach it with the gift or a card. Small Birch Crystal decorations are packed to be sent as cards. To other products to be sent as gifts, we will write the message into a separate scenery card.

Mother’s day is also soon at hand. From our web store, you can find gift ideas to all, whether they like small or grand jewellery. You can’t miss with a heart card when remembering mothers and grandmothers and all of them who need to be quarantined.

Here are few recommendations and their links. Pictures below:

Small and delicate earrings: Mini Halo earrings and Mini Drop earrings

Grand and visible jewellery: Luna 5 earrings

People enjoying Nordic Lapland: Antler necklace

Something beautiful to the quarantine: Korona stud earrings

As a card: Birch Crystal heart decoration

Which one of these is your favorite? We are happy to read your opinion in the comments. #stayhome #rememberwithacard



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