The night will shine like the day

The Luna collection was created as a continuation of Valona’s Halo collection. I was and still am attracted by the round shape. In Luna it is more simple than in other collections. I discovered the name of the jewellery in nature. We were taking some jewellery photos at the end of a long day on the Uutela peninsula in Eastern Helsinki. When it was time to shoot this new yet untitled jewellery line, a full moon rose in the sky. The landscape was bathed in its light. The silhouette of the jewellery against the moon brought insight to the name, as Luna means moon. The moon, illuminating the night, a small source of light in the sky, lit up the landscape almost like a day.

It does not always take much for darkness to recede. An approving look, a kind word, a brush of the cheek.

– Elina Mäntylä


We use high-quality Finnish birch plywood for our products.


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