Sales Tips

Here is a short information package to help you sell Valona products. It would be helpful if you could share these tips especially with sales personnel. You can also print the tips in A4 format here. We wish you smooth sales!

About Valona

  • Valona’s products are made from certified Finnish birch.
  • The products are designed by designer Elina Mäntylä, who takes her inspiration from northern nature.
  • Valona’s workshop and office is located in Marjaniemi, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Laser cutting and jewellery assembly is done by craftspeople in different parts of Finland.
  • The coloured products are dyed with skin-friendly dyes. The aim is to make the wood’s fibres and “glow” stand out well. If the product had been painted, the grain would not show up so well.


  • The hooks on the earrings are silver.
  • The chains are nickel-free jewellery metal.
  • The jewellery is light as a feather and therefore comfortable to wear.
  • The production process is based on the zero waste principle, i.e. to minimise the amount of waste material in the production process. For example, Halo, Luna, Ray and Korona jewellery are made from nested rings, while the Twinkle stud earrings are made from the centre pieces of other jewellery. 
  • 3D jewellery should be stored in their boxes or on a jewellery stand. They can withstand the wear and tear of jewellery, but not heavy use.
  • The jewellery comes with silicone stoppers. They are worth using. You can also help the jewellery to stay in place by squeezing the silver links together. The silver resists bending well. The 3D jewellery box contains spare plugs for the jewellery in question.
  • For large stud earrings, it is a good idea to use a silicone stopper in addition to the silver lock to ensure that the jewellery does not fall off when pressed against a jacket collar or scarf, for example.

Interior decor

  • The Birch Crystal decorations are easy to send as postcards in their flat packs.
  • The Birch Crystals consist of two parts that are inserted into each other. The instructions are shown on the packaging.
  • A hanging wire is included in the package.
  • The birch Himmelis honour the shape of the traditional straw himmelis, but are more durable.
  • The Himmelis can be packed flat for transport and storage and even send in its packaging.
  • When the Himmeli is assembled for the first time, the threads need to be knotted in place. After that, the Himmel can be disassembled without cutting the wires.
Himmeli luo varjon seinään, valkoinen verho reunustaa


  • Valona’s products have been successful in design competitions at home and internationally.
  • FORM# 2018 Award in Frankfurt at the largest German craft and design competition in the context of the Tendence trade fair
  • 2017 Arctic World of Santa Claus Best Gift from Finland competition (2nd place)
  • New Product of the Year for Finnish Crafts 2016 (1st place)
  • Folkista Poppia 2014 (Winning product)

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