Three favourites – Valona’s Emilia presents her go-to jewellery

Many of us tend to have a particular favourite piece of jewellery that we are particularly fond of and find ourselves wearing more often than anything else. Every day, we at Valona get to work with beautiful birch jewellery: aweing over the fibres of the pieces of wood that have arrived from the laser cutter, giving the parts indulgent colour baths, handling product images with pixel-perfect precision and finally proudly placing the finished products in their packaging. So we form some kind of relationship with each piece of jewellery, but then again, as jewellery wearers, we too are just people with our favourite pieces of jewellery. In this article, Emilia from Valona presents her favourites from the Valona collection and explains why she loves them the most.

Black long Halo earrings

These Halo earrings are special to me because they are the first jewellery I bought from Valona. I used to work for Valona as a subcontractor and after a while of making these long Halos, I fell in love with them. So I’ve had them the longest of any Valona jewellery, and I’m brave enough to wear them with any outfit. I always wear my hair short, which is why this kind of showy wooden jewellery suits me.

Lyhyttukkaisella naisella pitkät mustat Halo-korvakorut
The long Halo earrings are particularly suitable for someone with short hair. Photo: Liivia Pallas


Korona black hoop earrings and necklace

The Korona collection appeals to me for many reasons. It has a graphic and clean design language, and I think it best embodies Valona’s zero waste philosophy of minimising waste material (read more about Valona’s zero waste and sustainability principles here). The mechanism of attaching the Korona earring is the result of Valona’s own development work, and you don’t see this kind of stud mechanism in hoop earrings very often. What I love about the Korona necklace is that it is so showy, yet incredibly lightweight. I’ve grown to like the colour black as my style has become more minimalist. This necklace looks really stunning with a white linen shirt for example, but it also stands out excitingly against a black background, as you can see in the picture.

Hymyilevä nainen mustalla paidalla ja liilalla neuleella, mustat rengaskorvakorut, musta rengaskaulakoru
The black jewellery in the Korona collection also looks great with a dark outfit. Photo: Liivia Pallas


Ray 3

Ray 3 was a new product last spring, and I was sceptical at first. I was suspicious of the multicolour nature of the jewellery, which might not be so practical with different coloured outfits. However, my suspicions proved to be wrong. I took the earrings on a trial run during my summer holidays and, lo and behold, I ended up wearing them almost all summer long! They went so well with all my summer outfits. The best thing about these earrings is the sound of the wooden rings rattling lightly against each other.

Nainen katsoo sivulle, korvassa roikkuva korvakoru kolmella renkaalla
The Ray 3 earrings play with movements of the head. Photo: Liivia Pallas


Emilia runs Valona’s workshop with irreplaceable energy. She has been part of Valona since 2018 and works in sales, production and delivery.

In a future issue, we’ll introduce more of Valona’s favourites, but for now, we’re throwing the ball to you:

  • Do you already have a favourite piece of jewellery from Valona?
  • If not, what jewellery could possibly become one and why? 
  • What makes a piece of jewellery special to you?

Have a wonderful spring time with your favourite jewellery! 🌸

Emilia and the Valona team


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