Three favourites – Valona’s Liivia presents her go-to jewellery

Many of us tend to have a favourite piece of jewellery that we are particularly fond of and find ourselves wearing more often than anything else. Every day, we at Valona get to work with beautiful birch jewellery: aweing over the fibres of the pieces of wood that have arrived from the laser cutter, giving the parts indulgent colour baths, handling product images with pixel-perfect precision and finally proudly placing the finished products in their packaging. So we form some kind of relationship with each piece of jewellery, but then again, as jewellery wearers, we too are just people with our favourite pieces of jewellery. In this article, Liivia from Valona presents her favourites from the Valona collection and explains why she loves them the most.


Green hoops from the Korona collection

The wood-coloured rings from the Korona collection were one of my first pieces of Valona jewellery. I fell in love with the new green colour of the Korona hoops last autumn at first sight, as green is my favourite colour and matches my eye colour. Korona hoops are showy for stud earrings and the surface of the wood feels lovely and soft against the skin. Due to Valona’s dyeing technique, the wood’s fibres don’t get blocked, but the satiny surface of the wood shines through. It shows up beautifully, especially in sunlight. I wear my Korona hoops most in everyday life, as the minimalist design makes them go well with a variety of outfits. In this picture I paired them with my favourite Myssyfarmi Muffi beanie in the same colour.

Nainen hymyilee ja katsoo vasemmalle. Päällään bihreät rangas-korvakorut, vihreä pipo ja vihreä mekko


Luna 5

Luna 5 earrings are my favourite party earrings. They are very elegant, stylish and lightweight. I love big earrings. Because of this, my earlobes have stretched and I can’t wear big, heavy earrings anymore. What I like about Valona’s jewellery is not only the beauty but also the lightness and the quality of the silver hooks. Luna 5 earrings also bear a special memory. We were shooting Valona jewellery in Uutela and while shooting the Luna jewellery, the moon rose over the dark blue sea and the sky was decorated with stunning colours. Every time I wear this jewellery, I remember that moment.

Nainen istuu kottikärryssä päällään värikäs mekko ja hymyilee. Hän esittelee lempikorvakorut, pitkät rengas korvakorut


Ray 3

I bought these Ray 3 earrings for my birthday last autumn. They are my feel-good earrings. I have a large, homemade earring rack in my hallway with over 30 pairs of earrings. Every morning, I take out the earrings that match the mood and colours of the day. The Ray 3 earrings always manage to brighten up my day with their light flutter, beautiful colour combinations and dancing movements. It is also important to me that these earrings are made with the environment in mind: they aim to minimise waste.

Nainen esittelee roikkuvat suosikkikorvakorut ja katsoo hymyillen horisonttiin

Liivia’s creative handprint can be seen in Valona’s beautiful photographs and in the swirl of social media posts. Liivia has been a member of Valona’s marketing team since 2019.

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  • Which of these three pieces of jewellery are your favourites?

  • Do you have certain favourite jewellery that delights you year after year?


Wishing you a lovely sunny weekend,

Liivia and the Valona team



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